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The Laboratory of Crystallographic Studies (LEC) organises a series of International crystallisation schools every year during the last week of May in Granada (Spain). Both Schools deal with the fundamental principles of crystallisation (solution properties, nucleation, crystal growth kinetics and mechanisms, morphology, crystallisation techniques, screening), but applied to different fields:

  • ISBC Granada (International School of Biological Crystallisation): Biological macromolecules, biominerals and biomimetic materials, with one full day devoted to case studies on the crystallisation of membrane proteins, viruses and large macromolecular complexes.
  • ISC Granada (International School of Crystallisation): Pharmaceutical active compounds, foods, agrochemicals, minerals and new materials, including polymorphism, co-crystals and industrial crystallisation.

 This year the technical and administrative secretariat of the ISC Granada 2018 will be held by:

Martha Santana Ibáñez
NIF:  X0526250X
C/ Prolog. Manuel de Falla 9
Ogijares – Granada
CP. 18151 – SPAIN
Telf. + 34 607661931


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  • C/ Prolg. Manuel de Falla 9
  • Ogijares Granada 18151

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